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RIMS international school krishnagiri is a committed effect of SRI BALAJI EDUCATIONAL TRUST, KRISHNAGIRI. The partners in the joint venture aim to provide quality education encompassing knowledge , skill and values in an ambience of creativity and freedom.

A child who entres our school will be helped to develop innovative intelligence, which will shape his/her , total personality. It is hoped that our innovative approach will help to change the face of the present system of education and mold the school as an institution of the students, by the students and for the students.

The classroom is countrywide. The gurus and shishyas travel through different paths of knowledge. The gurus and learn together by observing, doing and experience and the learners become self-reliant.

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The school is located at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. The school campus is situated near Government Arts College on the Kuppam Road.


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