BOARDING RULES and Regulations

Students should read the rules and regulations before signing the application form.

1.Strict adherence to the prescribed dress code is required. Decency in dressing & demeanour is a must.

2.Loitering in the Hostel campus during the class hours will not be appreciated.

3.Students are accommodated rooms according to their age and class.

4.Students should not waste water and electricity.

5.Recreational facilities like Indoor games, Television and newspapers are provided to the boarders.

6.Boarders must bring the clothing and other essential things as per the list provided by the school.

7.The clothes should be labelled, listed and one copy should be given to the resident matron.

8.They should always be punctual and maintain strict discipline.

9.Any complaints regarding electric equipment, plumbing etc., is required to be entered in the ‘Complaints Book’

10.Visitors are not allowed beyond the visiting area. No outside Guest \ Students will be allowed inside the hostel.

11.All lights must be switched off before 10 p.m in the rooms. Only study lamps are permitted.

12.Students are not allowed to use Mobile phones from 8.00 to 9 p.m. Cell phones of those at fault will be confiscated. Birthday / Other Celebrations are strictly prohibited in Hostel.

13.Students must turn off all the electrical equipment & lights before leaving their rooms.

14.Students are not allowed to use electric stoves, heaters etc in rooms except in designated places.

15.Students are not allowed to organize any group activities in their room.

16.Food will be served only in the designated Dining Hall(s) and only during the specified timings. Wasting food & water will not be encouraged.

17.Rooms have to be kept neat and clean at all times Should not waste water and electricity.

18.Boarders are not allowed to keep any money, valuables, any electronic gadgets or mobile phones etc. with them.

19.All purchases by the boarders must be done through the school authorities or parents and Guardians.

20.In case any parent sends food articles to any border, they will not be permitted to keep eatables inside the room.

21.Parents can visit their wards on Sunday or a holiday.

22.Students are expected to use the study time profitably and discipline has to be maintained in the study hall.

23.Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish, hair colours will be confiscated if brought to school.

24.Only hair clips, hair bands or ribbons for girls. Long hair should be braided.

25.Fancy hair cut or colouring of hair is prohibited.

26.Slippers must be brought to be worn in the boarding. Shoes prescribed by the school have to be used. No other fancy shoes to be brought.

27.Boarders have to wear the sports uniform provided by the school for games.

28.In case of sickness, it should be reported to the boarding mentor and to the resident nurse for appropriate action.

29.All incidental expenses of the boarders will be recovered from their pocket money.

30.Boarders are not permitted to visit or stay in other rooms after 6.00 p.m.

31.Boarders have to pay all dues towards the school before leaving the boarding.

32.Any damage caused to the school property will be recovered along with a fine.


Boarding rules have to be strictly followed by all boarders.

Continuation as boarder will be based on the academic performance, behavior and turnout.


1.Students are normally not allowed to leave the school during the term except in very special cases.

2.Students may be granted leave up to a maximum period of three days in case of an emergency and this can be availed only once in a year.

3.Leave may be granted for special medical treatment if necessary.

4.A written request from the parent should be sent directly to the boarding mentor for availing leave.

Prescription and Medical Bills to be submitted after a long absence. The Doctor’s certificate only will not be taken into consideration.

5.The students should be picked up and brought back strictly on the dates and time given to them


6.The boarders will not be sent with any other person unless he/she brings a letter of authorization from the parent

7.Boarders are not allowed to go out the campus without the authorization of the boarding mentor.

8.While leaving the school campus they must wear the student identity card.

9.Boarders are not allowed to stay alone or with friends while they are in exeat.

10.In case of drop and pick up is required by the boarders, parents are to inform the boarding mentor in writing well in advance. The cost of the same will be recovered from their pocket money.