RIMS School believes that ICT in the 21st Century has the power to make a significant contribution to teaching and learning across all subjects and ages. It is taught as a discreet subject in all years and is also used to support teaching and learning within all subjects in the curriculum.

Most pupils arrive at school already “e-confident” and it is our aim to foster their natural enthusiasm for ICT and encourage pupils to become independent, confident and responsible users of ICT, in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly ICT-rich world.

The school is well equipped with the main ICT suite, an ICT suite for smaller groups, three laptop trolleys and computers and/or interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. We are also one of only two special schools to have a Smart-Us interactive playground, a computerised play area which develops literacy, numeracy and mobility skills.

STEM Education


We provide a unique option to start robotics classes training and developing the students mainly on linguistic and mathematical intelligence and to increase their multiple intelligence of language and academic excellence.

Augmented Reality:

With the help of the most popular application for augmented reality directly in the classroom, the teacher explains a subject with visual representation and helps students test out their knowledge in practice from playschool to higher studies.

Virtual Reality:

Using our class VR headsets, we have found a vast improvement in children’s knowledge and they can experience that environment in full 360 so that they can imagine themselves actually being there.

Neoteric Innovators:  Challenge For Students Atal Tinkering Labs Its quite important to have a complete ATL set-up at RIMS one which are dedicated workspaces where students (class 6th tol 2th) learn innovation skills and develop ideas that will go on to transform India. New things that we can’t even dream of are being added in RIMS creating an impact on the world with a vision to cultivate the children as Neoteric Innovators establishing equipment such as 3D printers, robotics, and electronic development tools, Internet of Things, and sensors, etc. the lab activities are designed with a spark of creativity and go beyond regular curriculum and textbook learning. The labs will let students explore skills of the future such as design and conceptual thinking, adaptive learning, and Artificial Intelligence.


ELMO Japan
Connecting Minds:

We provide a wonderful incentive visualization technique which connects minds through enlarging small objects and interrogating texts using visualizers which helps to ensure improved comprehension of complex instructions and enhances pupil’s manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

New Generation Tool
Indian Abacus:

The program is based on skill management techniques that activate the infinite hidden potential of the human brain such a creative imagination, concentration, self-confidence, speed and accuracy, visualization etc.

India’s 1st Time Stay With Your Parents @ Residential Campus

Now-a-days for many parents, the idea of dropping your child off at boarding school tugs at the heartstrings. No parent has an easy time being away from their kids.

However, if boarding school is something along with your family member is considering, the pain of separation may be eased. Boarding school students can focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractors are limited. These young scholars usually perform better academically because they live in an environment that is conducive to learning. No Homesickness, Independence and Self-Reliance, Daily routine that invokes self-discipline, traditional Standard

Living, Holistic Development, Indian Cultured campus, Blending in with all, Family nest, International and global perspectives. A green Residential sports and extra-curricular activities like Horse riding, Swimming, Yoga, and Skating. Academic development like no other schools, Inter – state teachers, more foreign languages an environment of learning outside the classrooms within the Affordable Budget.