This declaration of the trust made at krishnagiri 25th day of January 2005. MR. V. V Moorthy s/o K .Venkataswamy here in after referred to as founder , managing trustee have more objectives of the trust on as follows:

To provide techinal , non – technical & radical education by establishing colleges by constructing or by acquiring buildings to be run and improved and to serve all human beings irrespective of caste , creed, religion to run and conduct training centers for the purpose of self employment.

2) To organize camps and study centers and seminars to impart training in self – employment.

3) To associate with foreign institutions where self employment schemes and medical researches are under taken,

4) To work towards the upliftment of the harijans and economically downtrodden people of india.

5) To undertake activities on social reforms, college, industries, social welfare, environment, education, knowledge, culture, literature , adult education and village based industries, skills training, social morality, AIDS awareness, child and mother welfare.

6) To educate the people on health habits and try to treat those people who are sick and helping them to approach the concerned hospitals for expert treatment.

7) To give training and help to get employment opportunities for young people.

8) To establish , conduct, manage, promote, maintain, equip, administer, social welfare centers, technical schools, trade centers, social institutes, dispensaries, hospital clubs, recreational centers, study circles, housing projects schools and related institutions to do such acts as are incidental of the accomplishment of the above said purpose.

9) To acquire the same extent as natural persons might or could to, to acquire by purchase, lease, mortgage, loan, gift , grant, legacy, bequest, exchange , right privilege or otherwise from any person, company ,society government or institution ( National or International ) or any body whatsoever movable or immovable properties of  all descriptions deemed necessary of useful for any purpose of purpose of the trust.

10) To construct buildings, hostels, bungalows  ,industrial sheds, dispensaries, hospitals, schools and  any other types of buildings or structure what so ever to further any purposes of the trust and to maintain deal with, manage, demolish or reconstruct the same or any portion thereof.

11) To conduct and sponsor research . surveys , publication seminar camps on social education, cultural historical, political, and economic issues.

12) To invite guest speakers, research scholars and assistance in all fields for a periods to time to work on special projects.

13) To take or receive any gift whether money or property or donation withed by gift of person living or  legacy bequest will foundation and whether , subject to any special trust on not for any one or more of the object or for works connected with it.

14) To alienate at by way of sale , mortgage, lease, release, loan charge, hypothecate , pledge, exchange, hiring out, gift or otherwise with or without security, the properties or funds of the trust  or any portion or portion there of including the making , or giving or subscription, or contributions or assistance, pecuniary or otherwise to charitable institutions, educational, benevolent, social welfare and other institution, bodies, persons as from time to time may deem necessary or appropriate.

15) To borrow and raise funds with or without any security in any manner the trust may think fit and to pay same in any type of instalments agreed upon each time.

16) To negotiate with and enter into arrangement with any government or authority indigeneous or foreign whether supreme national state district, municipal, panchayat, university, or other public or private body  as may deem necessary and conductive to the promotion or accomplishment of the object of the trust and to apply.

17) To enter in to arrangement with any Government or authorities whether , central state, municipal district, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to accomplish the object of the trust.

18) To arrange the consulting services in the field or accounting , legal matters public relation and others.

19) To appoint employ and pay agent for any of the purpose of the trust.

20) Resume to do or cause to be done any or all such acts or things as shall be conducive to the social , economic, cultural moral, ethical civil, patriotic, religious human and physical welfare of the people of India provided such things or acts are not contrary to or inconsistent with the spirit and principles of the law under which this trust been organized and registered.

21) To do such other lawful acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them not involving the carrying on of any activities of profit.